Our story so far...


Once upon a time, a chef and a book editor fell in love and married.

They bought a house and filled it with some children.

Then one day, their big bad wolf-employers got on their nerves

so they decided to leave them in the forest and work together, instead of apart.

This made much more time for their lovely family activities.

Soon, the chef and the editor were visiting French brocantes and trade fairs,

sourcing and restoring beautiful decorative antiques 

and selling them to customers across the world!

It occured to them one day that they had
magically transformed into antique dealers,

making their own decisions and forming new ideas

based on their shared passion for history, 

innovative and home-spun design, and pleasing aesthetics.

They are the Hairsines, and they all continue to live very happily

in a pretty Cambridgeshire village.

Their story continues.