biography the story so far...


A long time ago, a northern chef and a southern book editor
met one another and 'zinged'. After a while they married and

bought themselves a lovely house,
which they then filled with some children.

A few years later, their big bad wolf-employers
were really getting on their nerves,

so the chef and the editor made plans to
leave their employers to fend for theirselves. 
This allowed them to work together, instead of apart.

Soon, the (former) chef and the (former) editor 
(along with their young family) 
were visiting French brocantes and vide greniers,

sourcing lots of beautiful decorative antiques 

which they began to sell to customers across the world.

Then one day, it suddenly occured to them: they had
magically transformed into antique dealers,

making their own decisions and shaping new
business ideas
based on a shared passion for
quality design and pleasing aesthetics.

They are the HAIRSINES, and the five of them continue
to live very happily
in a quiet Cambridgeshire village.

Their journey continues.