back story

Back story

Kevin, a northern chef, met Jenni, a southern book editor, at the beginning of the 21st century. Sharing a passion for history and an admiration of interesting interiors, they travelled to Greece, Spain, France, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, South Africa, USA, Canada and Thailand, fuelling their creative energy and developing their style – and learning a bit about business.

By 2010, with their three children in tow, Kevin and Jenni founded a business in the East of England, selling decorative homewares at local markets and county fairs.

The ensuing decades of hard work, steep learning curves, and constant buying and selling enabled Kevin and Jenni to grow what has become the family business – HAIRSINES LLP – into a charming showcase of decorative antique homeware, paintings, carvings and primitive folkart - quarried from a blend of international trade fairs, street brocantes, vide greniers, flea markets and private collectors.

Brexit was the catalyst for launching the customs clearance arm of the business. The service has been tailor-made for the antique, vintage and art trades - offering fast, friendly and stress-free customs declarations for those trading with the EU.

Since launching this side of the business in 2020, HAIRSINES has grown its client list to more than 300, and expands daily.