back story

Back story

HAIRSINES is the family-run business, founded by Kevin and Jenni, who first met at the beginning of 2001.

Sharing a passion for history and aesthetics, they travelled variously to countries

including Greece, Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, South Africa, USA, Canada and Thailand – fuelling their creative energy and developing their business skills and knowledge.

A decade later, with their three children in tow, Kevin and Jenni founded their long-planned for business in the East of England – selling a range of decorative homeware (with a handful of French antiques thrown in for good measure) at local markets and county fairs.  

Their stock went down a treat with the fair folk of Cambridge.

The ensuing decades of hard work, steep learning curves, and constant buying and selling have enabled Kevin and Jenni to grow and manage what has emerged as the family business – HAIRSINES LLP.

Now a charming showcase of decorative antique homewares, paintings, curious carvings, garden ware and primitive folkart.

Their stock is quarried from a blend of international trade fairs, street brocantes, vide greniers and flea markets as well as some private collectors and auctions.

Brexit was the catalyst for launching the customs clearance arm of the business because sourcing goods in Europe lies at the heart of the matter, and we always trade compliantly – and full customs declarations are mandatory, not optional.

Since launching the customs side of the business in 2020, HAIRSINES has grown its client list to more than 300, and expands daily. 

Kevin Hairsine

Training first at catering college in Hull, Kevin then gained a huge amount of valuable experience

working for the Roux brothers' fine dining team in London.

Reaching Head Chef level by the age of 19, Kevin ran hotel kitchens, independent gastro-pubs and a fine dining banqueting venue. Later, within Compass Group UK, he entered the management acceleration pathway, working as a senior BDM for multiple clients.

Since founding the antiques business in 2011, Kevin has trained extensively with the UK Customs Academy, attaining

level 4 - Advanced Customs Practitioner.

Jenni Hairsine BA (Hons)

After graduating from the University of London's School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), Jenni enjoyed a career in book publishing before co-founding the antiques business

in 2011. She completed a Level 5 TEFL course in 2020, enabling her to teach English as a foreign language – both overseas and in the UK.